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Buttery Soft Pili Nuts By Peele Co. Are Snacking Heaven

Pili nuts are the world’s healthiest nuts. Also called the Golden Nut, they come from the rainforest in the Philippines are high in Vitamin E and a complete protein. They are perfect for snacking and made available by the Peele Co. in Las Vegas through the Treatmo App.

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Perfect Snacks for Viewing Championship Golf

Good nutritious snacks help you go further.

While you're waiting for you favorite golfer to drive to the green or just casually enjoying the scenery of a perfect course, don't forget to bring these great snacks to munch on. They're healthier than what you may buy at the clubhouse and will give you the stamina to cheer the players on. If you decide to hit the links later, they'll give you the energy to finish 18 holes well below par.

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