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Gluten Free in Arizona? This Bakery Is Your Friend

There's something magical when you visit Arizona-based No Glutes About It bakery at East Valley farmers markets. It may be the wide selection of delicious treats such as banana bread mini loaves, or gingerbread cookies, or the decadent cashew-based Tiramisu. It could be the fact that all items are gluten free. It may also be that everything is plant-based and made without dairy or eggs, giving the booth a peaceful quality.

However, the most charming aspect is Kathy Turner, the founder of and inspiration behind the bakery. Her warmth and friendliness fuels the care that she pours into her baked and raw goods. When browsing through the market, it's a highlight to stop here and discover the incredible options. Even when you get home with your stash and try everything, her positive energy carries through to each bite.

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Lucía Patisserie Brings Sweet Delights To Puerto Rico

In the winter of 2015, I learned about a special baker in Dallas, Texas. She was making exceptional macarons for sale at the Dallas Farmers Market. At the time the business was called Sucre Sucré by lucía. Fast-forward to today, Lucía Merino is on her way to opening her first bakery.

As a business professional Lucía is extremely intelligent and resourceful. At the time, beyond the farmers market, she had an Etsy Store and a strong, magnetic presence online. She then joined Treatmo and sales went gangbusters. Now with her business partner, Johan Villafañe, she has produced a masterful Kickstarter campaign as they move towards opening their first store in San Juan.

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