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While Not Coffee, Organic Turmeric Tea Boosts Health and Focus

While the list of benefits of turmeric is long, does it taste good enough to enjoy everyday like coffee. Short answer, yes!

From warding off heart attacks, to fighting cancer, improving focus and supporting brain health, turmeric root is associated with many positive health benefits. 

A common ingredient in food like curry in SE Asia and India, adding turmeric to your daily diet in a flavorful way is not all that complicated. If you're ready to mix up your morning and lunchtime energy drink from coffee to something else, turmeric ginger tea is worth a try.

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Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea Turns on The Holiday Cheer

Nothing stirs up feelings of the holidays quite like cinnamon. What many people might not know is fresh cinnamon has many health benefits. Apart from tasting delicious, this cinnamon spice latte lifts spirits and wellness.

From the Physical GraffiTea tea shop in New York accessible through Treatmo app, over 200 teas are at your fingertips. Browsing through their gallery in Treatmo many teas catch your eye. This Cinnamon Spice tea looks unassuming but makes one amazing latte.

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