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Workplace Wellness Starts With Gratitude

A perceptive manager understands when an employee has added value to the company to move a project along, meet a business objective, enhance competitive positioning, or improve the quality of the work environment. 

A worker who genuinely wants to strengthen a company is hard to find and an important human asset. A leader knows how to recognize the efforts of employees who are making a positive impact often with a simple 'Thank You.'

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Gratitude Can Pave the Way to Success

Being grateful in the workplace is a key to success. When employees receive gratitude it lifts their spirits and gives them focus. It has more impact than getting a raise or bonus. Gratitude is personal and social and binds teams together on a human level. Gratitude demonstrates leadership and strength since it shows that the manager is above the fray and composed enough to recognize the daily efforts that go into making a project successful. 

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