6 Fresh Sauces To Inspire New Ideas in The Kitchen

Making great food is one thing. Making a great sauce, well that's in a category of its own.

Good food can stand on its own with or without a sauce. The right sauce can turn food into a culinary experience. 

We've picked six sauces from food makers in the Treatmo market we know your mom will love. Each is made with fresh, natural ingredients from local artisans. They are ready to elevate your tastebuds!

Jar Goods

Simple ingredients and a family recipe that shines, make this newcomer a standout. Each jar contains less than 1% of sugar and salt. For pizza, pasta, lasagna, or the perfect meatball sandwich, Jar Goods is ready to help. 

Bacchanal Sauce

Pack in the heat with this hot sauce that brings exceptional flavor. You'll get the heat that you want with all natural ingredients and flavors. Bacchanal's Pepper Sauce is brilliant on chicken, vegetables and fish.

The OKB Sauce

With a subtle tomato base, The OKB Sauce brings a tasty added flavor to everything, even eggs. It's low in sodium and sugar. This is a 175-year old recipe with a gorgeous spice bouquet of cinnamon, chili and tamarind. This is a really versatile brown sauce.

Lesedi Farm

Peri Peri is a type of chile that makes this sauce so unique. The combination of natural fruit juice, garlic, ginger and chili brings a dynamic flavor that bites and soothes at the same time. Lesedi Farm's sauces are vibrant and colorful and bring the same for your food. 

Silly Chilly Hot Sauce

Two kinds of peppers--chipotle and serrano--give this sauce a jump. It's well-balanced between heat and smoke and isn't going doesn't burn. With burritos, sandwiches, or as a marinade, Silly Chilly all natural sauces are made from local ingredients and deliver big smooth flavor.

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