Crunchy Roasted Vegetables with Za'atar

I love roasted vegetables that pop in your mouth and burst with flavor.

roasted vegetables with zaatar

Roasted vegetables that pop with flavor and crunch in your mouth are a treat to eat. Overly roasted or cooked vegetables that become mushy, loose their flavor and nutrient value.

For a beautiful side, make a medley of red and golden beets, brussels sprouts and baby potatoes. Get vegetables that pop by first tossing the veggies into a pot of boiling water for five minutes. 

Red and golden beets, baby potatoes, brussels sprouts.

Red and golden beets, baby potatoes, brussels sprouts.

Then, coat the vegetables in a dressing before flattening in a baking dish and roasting on high heat. 

Spice up your vegetables with za'atar.

Spice up your vegetables with za'atar.

For the veggies, I added a mixture of olive oil, balsamic and za'atar. I prefer a za'atar that is more sesame seed and sumac than salt (of which many are very high). 

Sumac comes from a berry bush that grows in the Middle East called Rhus coriaria. It's a common element of za'atar. The berries are dried and crushed to form a reddish or maroon colored spice. It's often described as tangy, lemony and fruity and is known to be high in antioxidants. 

Za'atar is a great spice to sprinkle on more than just roasted vegetables. Sesame seeds are high in zinc which is an essential mineral for good health. Zinc helps with cognitive function, immunity, and fertility to name a few of the benefits. It's not always in everyday foods, so adding za'atar which has a lot of sesame seeds to meals as a spice helps increase daily consumption. 

After coating the vegetables in the dressing, I placed them in the oven with the rack on the highest rung (allowing for space of the baking dish). They roasted for 20 to 30 minutes at 425˚F. Easy dish, great flavor. 

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