No Need To Toss Pasta From Your Diet, According To New Research

Have you ever gone on a pasta binge and a few days later noticed weight loss? This might not be some weird coincidence.

If you love pasta, the latest study suggests that as a part of a healthy, low-glycemic diet there's no reason not to enjoy it in controlled amounts.

Results of the study were released April 3, 2018 in the journal BMJ Open. It involved 2,448 middle aged men and women who ate pasta while on a healthy low-glycemic diet. 

Those involved in the clinical trials on average ate 3.3 servings of pasta a week instead of other carbohydrates, such as white bread. Participants lost about one pound over a midway follow up of 12 weeks.

According to the lead author of the study, Dr. John Sievenpiper, "Pasta didn't contribute to weight gain or increase in body fat." Notably the type of pasta (wheat vs whole wheat or egg) did not significantly affect the glucose or insulin response.

From the study, the author's concluded that as a part of a healthy, balanced and low-glycemic diet, pasta consumption can reduce weight and BMI compared to higher Glycemic Index diets. Further studies are required to determine if pasta as a part of other diets shows the same results.

What are high vs low glycemic foods? The Glycemic Index rates food on a scale of 0 (low) to 100 (high) based on how slowly or quickly the food can raise blood sugar or glucose levels and lead to illness. Food with a low GI value (55 or less) have a lower impact on blood glucose levels as they are more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolized.

Food high on the GI index for example includes cornflakes (81) and low, barley (28). According to Diabetes.Org Low GI Foods (55 or less) include: 

  • 100% stone-ground whole wheat or pumpernickel bread
  • Oatmeal (rolled or steel-cut), oat bran, muesli
  • Pasta, converted rice, barley, bulgar
  • Sweet potato, corn, yam, lima/butter beans, peas, legumes and lentils
  • Most fruits, non-starchy vegetables and carrots

The full study:
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