These Local Chocolate Makers Give You More To Chew on This Valentine's Day

When someone goes the extra flavor mile for a gift, it leaves a feel good impression. 

These local chocolate makers go further for you in taste and quality. For Valentine's Day, it's easy to gift by email from Treatmo iOS app and chat. 

1) Rawclates 

Brooklyn-made, Rawclates forms stoneground, organic cacao into tasty bars with superfood ingredients. Expect creative and trendy flavor combinations in their Treatmo store.

shop organic matcha.jpeg

2) Farmhouse Chocolates + Ice Cream

Vermont-made, Farmhouse Chocolates makes pure, creamy cacao and caramels (using local Vermont cream) that melt in your mouth.

shop farmhouse chocolates.jpg

3) Puna Chocolate

100% Hawaiian grown cacao from Hilo, Hawaii, Puna Chocolate makes square bars in familiar and clever styles using additions of local food like macadamia nuts. This is a rich, luscious and fresh chocolate!

iland style with macadamia.png

4) Good King Cacao

Whole cacao beans are roasted and covered in natural herbs and spices like mint (a favorite!) at Good King Cacao. There cacao is sourced directly from small cacao farms through partnerships focused on sustainability. 

shop good king cacao.jpg

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