Power Up Pre or Post Workout with Clean Snacks

When you're rushing from work or class to the gym or training, don't skimp on nutrition.

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If you love snacking, there probably isn't a specific time of day that you limit those in between bites. If you're going for post workout snacks, think good carbs, protein and fats to refuel and support quick recovery. 

Reach for a clean snack that maximizes nutritional intake and cuts out the additives, preservatives and extra sodium and refined sugar for healthier fuel. Ello Raw raw dessert bites--they come in small pouches that help you control your intake too--are loaded with cashews, coconut oil and dates. They are a tasty feel good, energy snack to help you refuel and recover after workouts.

The great thing about them? They're all natural, organic, and raw. Cashews have 5 grams of protein per ounce plus healthy fats, minerals and vitamins that speed recovery and lift mood. With the addition of coconut oil you're also getting benefits of fatty acids that can help burn fat faster, reduce appetite and fatigue. The dates jump start your energy with carbs and a bit of fiber too.

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Ello Raw is available to shop and gift on Treatmo iOS App. Download on iTunes so they're always a tap away from your phone.