Get Ready For Summer with A Simple Healthy Taco Night Every Night

The beauty of tacos for dinner is really the combination of foods you get to eat all at once in a taco shell. 

Experience flavor, nutrition, fun and simplicity with quick and easy tacos. Great food with real ingredients and no funny stuff, makes you feel good too. 

This taco night, opt for options that are going to pack in the nutrients and taste great.

The OKB BBQ Sauce made in Arizona is a local favorite. But you don't have to travel to Arizona to get it. Shop on Treatmo for this BBQ Sauce that's as old as Abraham Lincoln and from the same region where this former president was born. 

Use it on meat, chicken or fish in original, medium or hot and feel better without the extra sodium or sugar that's in most other sauces. 

Spice up your ingredients from guacamole to beans and vegetable toppings with real spices freshly made and sourced from a local Arizona farm. There's no reason why you can't shake health onto each bite. There's only one way to do it and that's with organic herbs and herb salts that really are better for you. 

Stir The OKB into the meat or vegetable base for your taco (tempeh below), toss into a heated and oiled pan (we like Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil), and cook up. Add spices like Mexican seasoning from Daddy's Gourmet or another favorite: red pepper flaked organic salt from Terre Botanicals

Daddy's Gourmet Island seasoning with lemon thyme is a wonder spice. Lift your food out of boredom so it can do more for you!

From there, all you can do is enjoy. When you're eating food that comes straight from a food maker or local farm that has your health in mind, the benefits are clear. From taste, nutritional value, and freshness nothing beats food that's close to the heart and home. Shop all on Treatmo iOS app on iTunes!

Order and gift in a tap! See how it works.