Good Vibes And Karma At Pingala Cafe

It goes without saying, if you're nice others will be nice in return. This is the positive cause and effect theory behind Karma -- what you put out is what you get in return. The same can be applied to what you eat. If you eat happy, healthy food, you'll reap the rewards.

Your body will thank you with strength and well-being when you consume food made with kindness, proper nutrition, and local plant-based ingredients. This is the philosophy behind the menu at the wonderful plant-based eatery Pingala Cafe in Burlington, Vermont. 

The food and vibe is all about making you feel good. We call it 'good mood' food. Celebrate Karma everyday with their eponymous burger. The house-made, 100% vegan bean patty is sandwiched between toasted millet bread, topped with greens, roasted tomato, red onion, cheese crisp and chipotle aioli. If this isn't enough to make you drool then feast on the photos.

If you live in Burlington, you're fortunate to eat here whenever you want. They also have vegan baked goods from local Four Sisters Bakery and fresh pressed juice from the Vermont Juice Company, along with a full menu of innovative dishes and smoothies too. 

The specials change regularly from crowd favorites like nachos to tacos and other grub that puts a smile on your face. You're guaranteed to leave feeling your best to attract good Karma. And if the opposite is what you attract instead, it might look something like this video where a football goalie gets a dose of Karma in the negative sense of the word.  

Instant Karma’s gonna get you, gonna knock you right on the head.
— John Lennon

The best way to achieve good Karma? Treat a friend to Pingala Cafe from Treatmo app. Buy food for yourself and chat with friends in the app. Better yet, buy food for someone else from (almost!) anywhere for them to enjoy on your behalf. You're going to feel instantly happy, and if they're ready to spread good Karma too, they'll treat you back in return.