The far reaching benefits of ghee for cooking and health

Transform your home cooking and baking with grass-fed ghee.

With green beans, toast, coffee, or in baked treats, ghee is a wonder fat. With a high smoke point and numerous health benefits, ghee is also free of allergens like lactose and casein. The most healthful option, Grass-fed ghee contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) which can reduce body fat, blood pressure and cholesterol. 

Ghee, or clarified butter, has been around since 2000 B.C. and is core to ayurvedic medicine. It is formed by the removal of milk fats and water from butter. With a profile similar to coconut oil, ghee contains (MCTs) medium-chain triglycerides, which support weight loss. Ghee also has butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid that's good for colon health. 

The host of health benefits includes everything from being a good source of vitamin K2--helps build strong bones--and fat soluble vitamins A, D and E. It's also known to aid digestion and reduce inflammation. However, not all ghee's are created equal. Texture, taste, and nutritional value may vary significantly between brands. Like all products it's important to look to the origins.

For Nourished Foods in Arizona quality sourcing and transparency are core values that have been a part of the company from the start. Sourcing from small, local grass-fed (and grass-finished for their bone broths) farms, Nourished Foods takes a careful and conscientious approach to food. A small operation with simple branding reflective of the pure and simple approach of the business, Nourished Foods products are rich in tradition and ancient wisdom. 

With the belief that animals treated well will yield more nutrient dense, and flavorful end products, Nourished Foods works with a handful of select farms that pasture raise and follow their own ethical practices. The difference is in the ghee. The taste and consistency of Nourished Foods clarified butters that include plain, white truffle, roasted garlic and herb, ghost pepper and prickly pear and Moroccan harissa, stands apart.

Eating well goes beyond the food itself to the source of its origins. At its heart, ghee is about cleansing and purifying. At Nourished Foods these values are a part of the culture. Read more about Nourished Foods

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