Why You Should Be Getting More Fennel in Your Diet

Fennel is a superfood we're only just discovering as an amazing oil to add to salad dressing. 

If you haven't used it yet in salads, broths, or with roasts, fennel is a flowering plant in the carrot family. It looks like a white bulb with green stalks and has a scent of licorice. But the health benefits are diverse and many.

If fennel isn't a typical go to for you, here are a few reasons why it should be. 

The nutrients in fennel are powerful. Iron, potassium, choline, folate, selenium, vitamins C, A and B-6 to name a few, are beneficial to bone health, fighting cancer, metabolism, sleep, and brain and heart health. 

It doesn't take much to add fennel to your daily diet. One easy way is through salad dressing. This radicchio, endive and grapefruit salad calls for a homemade dressing that takes minutes to make and is good for your diet.

Terre Botanicals sells pure, organic fennel oil. Only a single drop in two tablespoons of vegetable oil turns your dressing into a flavorful addition to your salad or sandwiches. 

Fennel is an easy vegetable to prepare and available in most markets. The oil of fennel is an even simpler and more efficient way to capture the flavor and nutrients without the fuss.

We used Colorado Mills Sunflower Oil as the base and added a single drop of Terre Botanicals fennel oil--it's all you need.

To that add a pinch of Terre Botanicals Piment d'ville red salt flaked with basque red chili and a squeeze of lemon. Whisk the mixture together and your dressing is done.

Pour over your salad, combine and enjoy! Using culinary oils from Terre Botanicals in your cooking is an easy and fast way to get nutrients into your diet naturally and daily. Shop their store on Treatmo for better for you food. Download on iTunes, earn rewards and gift too!