A Marketplace Solution For Small Food Businesses

If you’re a small food business, your primary goal is to move product fast. Healthy fresh food can’t sit and with kitchen space costs, food storage and supplies, cash is critical to staying afloat. To keep going at a healthy pace from day one, the sales have to keep flowing and growing.

Getting food out to customers should be as simple as putting up a website and drawing them in. We all know that it is not that easy. Generating website traffic means gaining visibility in a sea of hundreds of millions of websites. 

If you’re starting off with a physical presence at a farmers market that is your first level of awareness. Turning each passing visitor into a customer isn’t always easy either. If you have a unique product helps. But keeping people interested beyond the market and making it easy to shop your product is the best way to optimize every potential new sale.

Driving customers to your website is one path, but driving them to a place of greater interest such as a simple tool for shopping and selling not only your food but goods from likeminded businesses, is an even better hook. 

Being a part of a marketplace where you are able to sell your product easily across multiple channels — pick up, delivery, shipping — provides your future customer with not only convenience but interest beyond a one time purchase and incentive to keep returning.

Join the Treatmo Marketplace for free to set up a store front quickly and start selling your product from an exciting new space. Offer customers chat, easy ordering and fast checkout without the clutter. 

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