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b naked chocolates Healthy Decadence

Cacao truffles, macaroons, fruit bars and tarts, b naked chocolates knows how to cater to that sweet tooth we all have. One big difference, b naked chocolates treats have no refined sugar, dairy, soy or wheat.

Made in Arizona and shipping across the U.S. from their Treatmo mobile store, these sweet but healthy treats satisfy cravings while giving you energy and nutrition!

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Gluten Free in Arizona? This Bakery Is Your Friend

There's something magical when you visit Arizona-based No Glutes About It bakery at East Valley farmers markets. It may be the wide selection of delicious treats such as banana bread mini loaves, or gingerbread cookies, or the decadent cashew-based Tiramisu. It could be the fact that all items are gluten free. It may also be that everything is plant-based and made without dairy or eggs, giving the booth a peaceful quality.

However, the most charming aspect is Kathy Turner, the founder of and inspiration behind the bakery. Her warmth and friendliness fuels the care that she pours into her baked and raw goods. When browsing through the market, it's a highlight to stop here and discover the incredible options. Even when you get home with your stash and try everything, her positive energy carries through to each bite.

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This Clean Chocolate Sauce Has You Covered

We've been dying to find the perfect, all-natural chocolate sauce, and it's here and on Treatmo. b Sinfully Naked Chocolate Sauce has just three ingredients: organic raw cacao, coconut oil and maple syrup. And by the way, it's incredible. Eat it right from the jar or use it in a myriad of creative ways.

Sinfully b Naked premium sauce can be molded to whatever consistency you wish. It's thick enough to be used as icing for cupcakes. Add a bit of warm milk and whip into a sauce. Zap it in the microwave to make the perfect a spread.

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Fresh Mango and Turmeric Raw Cupcakes (gluten free)


Often the biggest barrier to getting started is taking that basic first step. When you see a food photo that looks delicious, it also looks like effort. Thanks to a few innovative chefs taking the fear out of food prep that first step is a lot easier.

Making food doesn't have to be difficult. There should also be no fear of failure in the kitchen. Part of the joy is trying new things. I started baking with Terre Botanicals -- an Arizona crafter of finishing sugars, savory blends and edible essential oils recently after learning about the business through Treatmo. 

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Terre Botanicals Brings Magic To Your Kitchen

There's something about baking that's totally nurturing and transformative. Choosing a recipe, setting yourself to the task then mixing, pouring and of course, eating -- all impart a sense of completion and success. 

The best chefs are masters of the most minute chemical reactions and flavor combinations that give rise to inspiring food. When it's really over the top there's awe at the end result. 

What's also incredibly exciting about baking for both professional and at home chefs is the myriad of new products available on the market. From sugars, to flours, salts and flavorings, there's nothing basic about baking anymore. There are opportunities to experiment and explore with global flavors, organic and gluten free foods. Terre Botanicals is one such company that is livening up kitchens and changing perceptions about food. 

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Fitness Pro to Baking Brilliance - b Naked Chocolates

When you're walking through your local farmers market and tasting fresh made food, there's something even more amazing happening behind each vendor stall. There are incredible stories behind the founders and of these small businesses and b Naked Chocolates is one.

Before she made macaroons that delight everyone who stops by her table, Sue Berliner was a competitive athlete and magazine publisher. From the the Ironman 70.3 Vineman to the American River 50-miler, competitive racquetball and an average week of 300 miles on her bike, Sue is kind of a bad ass. 

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Plant-Based Chocolate From The Easter Bunny

If you're seeking clean, dairy free, unrefined sugar, or totally free of sugar free cacao this Easter for your party and guests, download Treatmo now and order today. 

Treatmo's market of fair trade, organic, vegan chocolate from local makers in New York and Vermont, includes raw options and a special nondairy, dairy milk chocolate, called Schmilk. 

From cacao to bean-to-bar, find satisfying treats to decorate your Easter table and share with kids. Nothing's better than chocolate that's healthy and delicious. 

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New York City Must Have Valentine's Day Treats

Whether you're seeking the perfect Valentine's Day gift or hungry to try all of the delicious and clever treats made for February 14, here are four fantastic options out of New York City. More details on each business in the Treatmo Market.

When you buy on Treatmo you can treat someone from a distance, send a personalized message and participate in the experience with your friend through chat and photos. Get started.

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4 Bite Size Treats For Your Holiday Feast

Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are huge meals, to say the least. No matter what's served, there's usually a lot of people and therefor a lot of food, which means feeling stuffed or even immobilized after the first course. After all, who can resist relaxing with friends or being too full to respond to inquiries from relatives about your relationship status.

And then there’s dessert.

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