30-Minute Peri Peri Cod with Fennel And Fries

There are some things that can't be faked and one is flavor. 

Don't make cooking complicated. In fact, simplify by using better seasonings and dressings and ones that are actually better for you--organic, lower sodium, less sugar and all natural. 

This 30-minute fish dinner with roasted fennel and fresh cut fries with Daddy's Gourmet Dill Salt and Lesedi Farm Peri Peri will wow your tastebuds. It's so easy to make good food when you have great food to work with.

The all natural peri peri sauce we use in this recipe comes from Lesedi Farm out of Washington State. Founder and owner, Dorcus, hails from Botswana and incorporates flavors and family heritage recipes into lively, authentic and healthy dressings and sauces. Her peri peri sauce is a champion of sauces and makes this fish taste incredible alongside fennel and fries.

If you didn't know fennel is really good for you (see our latest article) and so easy to roast. Plus, hand cut fries with organic dill salt by Daddy's Gourmet and sunflower oil make everything else go pale in comparison.

How to make it

Preheat oven to 425 degrees. Move racks to top and middle.

1) Prep the fennel. Wash the outside, cut off any spots and cut off the stems (add these to your baking dish to get the extra flavor) and the end. Cut the fennel bulb in half lengthwise. Then quarter each piece also lengthwise.

Make a quick dressing for the fennel of two tablespoons of sunflower oil, salt and we also added a drop of fennel oil from Terre Botanicals -- a favorite on Treatmo. Combine the dressing with the fennel pieces then pour the contents into a baking dish. Put into the oven on a middle rack.

2) Peel potatoes (we used russet). Slice lengthwise into slices just shy of 1/2 an inch. Toss them into a bowl and splash on oil, then shake on dill salt and combine.

Place on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and slide in either next to your fennel or on the upper rack. 

3) Start with a fresh piece of white fish, cod worked nicely here, from your local market. Turn heat up to medium and add a couple of splashes (two tablespoons) of oil. As soon as it starts to get hot drop in the fish.

Pour on Lesedi Farm Peri Peri sauce--just enough to cover the top of each piece. Let sit for 3 minutes then flip and pour sauce on the other side. Cook to your preference. 

The flavor in this dish is over the top. It's the freshness and quality of the ingredients from the sauce and salt made by local makers--both Daddy's Gourmet and Lesedi Farm run small farms (in Arizona and Washington, respectively). You will never want to cook without these two again.

Cooking with masters of flavor changes how you experience food. Plus organic ingredients and all natural food changes how you live. 

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