Easy Ecommerce For Small Food Businesses

Treatmo App Offers Small Business A Simpler Way To Sell Direct To Consumers

As giant ecommerce sites move away from supporting small business and food entrepreneurs, Treatmo App makes it easy for these businesses to launch an ecommerce store in the app giving their customers a convenient ordering option. As more customers choose to shop and order by mobile phone, making it simple for them will help small businesses grow.

With many big ecommerce sites focusing on larger merchants, Treatmo makes it easy for small merchants to use our ecommerce platform to set up at store quickly, take orders and reorders, and do marketing. Treatmo allows merchants to take orders direct to consumer and develop a shopping community within the app.


Treatmo ecommerce platform creates stores for merchants in the Treatmo App. Since more customers are shopping by mobile phone, providing a simple mobile ordering system for customers provides them with shopping convenience and is helpful for growing a business.

Treatmo also provides a payment method for anyway you do business. Treatmo takes payments for shipping, local delivery, local pick up and even mobile pay. With all of these options, you can do business anywhere instantly. Mobile pay lets you sell at events such as farmers markets, food festivals, and food trucks.

Treatmo also provides a wide range of marketing tools to grow your business. These include loyalty programs, promo codes, a social messaging network to interact with customers, and events listings. This personalization is key for the new consumer and helps retain loyal shoppers. Further, Treatmo’s reordering process is image based and provides streamlined taps to check out.

With wonderful product pages, frictionless payments, and all included marketing tools, your business is ready for customers to order. Set up is quick so there’s no burden to get started and there are no fees for 60 day. To open a store, just send us a message here and we’re happy to help.