Expo West 2019 Trends In Natural Food Products

Living Healthier and Happier With Natural Food

Treatmo visited Natural Products Expo West 2019, the largest trade show for packaged food makers with a healthier focus, in Anaheim. It’s a chance for new and established food and personal care brands to be in front of the large retailers and to get on store shelves and attract e-commerce channels . Many started out small and have now grown sales due to increasing demand for healthier packaged food products.

Several trends are driving the demand. The primary driver is health and feeling better with food as the way to achieve it, especially organic food. Many of these products make it more convenient. Here’s what we discovered.

Plant-Based Is Exciting

So many of the new products are driven by plant-based ingredients and plant-based messaging. This ranges across product categories such plant-based burgers, vegan jerky, veggie fries, vegan baking mixes, vegan chocolate and candies, and especially vegan milks and ice cream. It even extends to plant-based baby food. Specific ingredients that are popular this year are quinoa for protein, oats for vegan milk, mung beans, pili nuts, coconut in ice cream, cashews for cheese and vegan milk and a variety of seeds like flax and chia.


More Nutrients In Every Bite

Nutrient dense foods are very popular as more nutrition in each bite means fewer bites to health. Nutritionally dense products include protein ice cream, high protein veggie burgers, high protein and high fiber crackers to replace bread, and high nutrition snack bites. With more focus now on pre-biotics as well, these foods provide nourishment for good gut bacteria that already exist in the body.

Living An Energetic Life

With so much stress and demands on time slowing people down, people are reacting by reaching for and relying on natural food products to restore balance and boost mood. Beverages are a key product in this trends since they are easily consumable and transportable. Kombucha, waters loaded with nutritional ingredients, and drinks with added probiotics are popular. Even sodas with vinegar are catching attention. Additionally adaptogenic ingredients like ashwagandha and reishi mushroom are added to bottled beverages to help people cope with life demands. Bottled turmeric lattes and energy coffee drinks are also prevalent. Lastly, energy shots were trending with functional ingredients (ginger, turmeric, matcha, lemon) and a powerful yet nutritious burn after drinking them to benefit the holistic vitality of the consumer.

Updating The Pantry 

Everyone’s pantry could use an update. The main brands from the last few decades may not be the best anymore as they are loaded with sugar, salts, and palm oil. New pantry items including backing mixes, sauces, and salad dressings have improved ingredients and even superfoods added. Heathier BBQ sauces were a hit. Nuts and snacks have also improved with cleaner ingredients. And don’t forget better organic olive oils and vinegars. Pickled products and kimchee are also popular and my favorite were the ghost pepper pickles. Whoa!

Ecommerce Driving Growth

Lastly, ecommerce is driving growth. Getting on a store shelf is no longer the only sign of success. Food investors want to see that a brand’s digital marketing and selling is a focus to demonstrate a vibrant online brand community.

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