Food Businesses Take Advantage of Pick Up and Local Delivery For Early Growth

For small food businesses, moving product quickly ensures customers receive fresh food and a positive experience.

Food making takes time and focus.

Food making takes time and focus.

As a new food business, you are spending a lot of time in the kitchen and then either preparing food for market, local distribution or direct sales. Coming up with the software to manage sales is probably the last item on the to do list.

With product in the fridge or freezer and customers just warming up to a new brand, it’s critical to keep food moving and sales coming. Creating business and sales efficiencies early on can help bolster long-term growth and build repeat business. Technology can help with that.

Wherever you sell whether at farmers markets, food festivals, from a food truck, or pop up market, Treatmo offers simple and fast payment for goods. While many food makers use Treatmo for shipping, the pick up and delivery options help drive sales at the local level and build a customer community. Getting paid in advance for farmers market items can help with much needed cash flow, especially early on, to make product and pay for kitchen time. Offering local delivery can generate a new income stream beyond markets and local stores. Both are winning situations for many small food businesses.

When using the app, customers select time and day to schedule pick up. Upon purchase they receive a receipt in the app and via email. Through local delivery, businesses enter days and times that work for them along with fees. It’s easy to activate the App’s tip feature as well. With tools to manage a team, more than one staff member can respond to orders. Sending order updates to customers reach them through the App and email. Customers and merchants can also stay in touch through Treatmo App’s direct messaging feature.

If you are a vendor in a market and pay commission, simply tally up your pick up orders easily using Treatmo’s dashboard and add the earnings to your revenue for the day. Having a pick up location and maximizing it for yourself and customers means leveraging technology to grow faster.

With more local food merchants selling products across the US, Treatmo is the easiest way to provide this ordering option to your customers without the hassle of setting up a website. In fact, creating an account in Treatmo and setting up the pick up option can be done in 10 minutes and you’re on the way to receiving your first mobile orders!

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