Take Pick Up Orders And Payments For Your Food Products With Treatmo App

Customers Can Pre-Orer And Pay For Pick Up At Your Local Food Events In A Tap


Whether you sell at farmers markets, food festivals, food truck locations, or market stands, Treatmo mobile ordering and mobile pay app lets your customers order ahead for pick up at your locations for the times you specify and the dates your are there. Easy-to-enter schedules make it simple for food merchants set up pick up dates which naturally expire when the end date is reached.

The customer uses the app to add products to their cart, check out using the Pick Up option, and then choose the date and time options provided by the merchant. Once the payment is made in the app, the order is complete and a voucher code given to be redeemed. The customer simply shows up at the selected time and date and receives their order.

If you’re a vendor in a market and pay commission, simply tally up your pick up orders easily using Treatmo’s dashboard and add the earnings to your revenue for the day. Having a pick up location and maximizing it for yourself and customers means leveraging technology to grow faster.

With more local food merchants selling products across the US, Treatmo is the easiest way to provide this ordering option to your customers without the hassle of setting up a website. In fact, creating an account in Treatmo and setting up the Pick Up option can be done in 10 minutes and you’re on the way to receiving your first mobile orders!

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