Building Your Community On Treatmo App

As more shoppers look to the web to find healthy, local food, they are also looking to the App Store to find apps that help simplify the process. Treatmo offers small natural food businesses a mobile payment option for their customers.

In 2012, U.S. consumers spent $7.8 billion in retail purchases on their smartphones, according to Forrester data. By 2016, this figure had grown to $60.2 billion and Forrester anticipates it will reach $93.5 billion in 2018—and $175.4 billion in 2022. (Source: Forrester's Retail Best Practices: Mobile Web via AdWeek February 23, 2018).

Notably, "More businesses are trying mobile apps to lure and keep consumers." (Source: The Conversation, December 20, 2017). Based on usage of the Treatmo marketplace, we can also validate that shoppers spend more by mobile than they might otherwise. A smooth shopping experience, loyalty rewards and easy repeat ordering are key features of Treatmo that help engage and keep customers.

Treatmo is the first omni-channel mobile app. Through Treatmo, sellers can offer local delivery, shipping, mobile pay and pick up all in one experience. For small businesses it's easy to activate any or all sales options and show locations whether they are in store only or pick up spots. 

Using Treatmo to sell is a step towards gaining marketshare in the mobile shopping space and establish a mobile shopping experience with customers.

Ways to grow on Treatmo App

  • Represent products with appealing and informative photos that show the product, how it's used or what's inside (image of contents and/or nutrition label). Photos are best if horizontal or square and a minimum of 1000 pixels wide. 
  • Use full product descriptions including listing of all ingredients. Add helpful information such as where the ingredients are from (local, sustainable), and what allergens they are free of. 
  • Add multiple images and set a "Primary" image or the image you first want customers to see for a product.
  • Ensure price competitiveness. Customers are seeking the best deals. If your product is listed on multiple marketplaces, consider a fresh approach with Treatmo such as offering items in bulk for a discount. Add key words to bulk orders such as "pack, package, set or bulk" to stand out.
  • Open a "User Page" for your business in the app. Like the early days of Facebook Pages, Treatmo offers businesses the opportunity to connect with customers to discuss orders, share recipes and product ideas. Turn on your "Direct Messages" from the account page in the app. Note: User accounts are not connected to store account credentials.
  • Send "Order Updates" to your customers through the portal. From the column "Order Status" on the "Account Page" of your merchant dashboard, send tracking information and order updates to customers, which they can track through the app and email.
  • Alert your customers to your Treatmo store as a payment option. If your business delivers locally, give customers the option to order for delivery quickly through Treatmo. If you offer pick up, set pick up details in the app to give customers a convenient way to select a pick up location and track details of their order. If you have a physical location where customers can pay by phone, educate your staff and customers about Treatmo as wallet free payment option.
  • Create awareness of your Treatmo store by placing a badge on your website and listing Treatmo as a place to shop your products on your website, in your newsletter and on social media. Let customers know they can chat with you through your page in Treatmo app. 
  • List your events!  Our step forward into AI gives customers the ability to use location services from their phone to geo-locate local events and products nearby. List all your events for the year at once (they will disappear from the app once the event has passed). Give customers a special way to connect with you by being visible nearby at pop up markets or trade shows.

Finding truly local food is hard. Even in marketplaces that say they offer local food, customers have to sift through big brands to find the local ones. Treatmo makes shopping local, independent food producers and farms easy and simple by mobile. 

To open a store, please contact us!