Rising Above The Clutter To Sell Local Food

Whether your business is in a farmers market, on a shelf in a big box store, or delivery only--or all three--make it easier for customers to shop any or all ways you sell though an omni-channel platform.

For businesses starting out, getting a website up and live might be the first priority. It's a time-consuming task and then requires a massive effort to rise through the 644 million or so websites to bring in steady traffic. Those using delivery service companies to extend reach are further hit with exorbitant fees.

If you're a new business on a store shelf, you have a similar challenge of moving product off the shelf, which requires intense marketing, in-store demos and expense.

For those farmers market businesses, business traffic is also dependent on marketing and the general success X visibility factors of the market.

Considering how challenging it is for a small business to create visibility, it's even harder for the customer to find the healthy and local food that they want in the massive market of food brands. The forces that are against small business with limited budgets are significant. However the numbers of customers wanting local natural food are growing beyond the community level. For instance, consumers are looking beyond their own farmers market to farmers markets across the country for access to healthier, more local food.

The visibility challenge for small food producers  is partially assisted with social networking services like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and, if you're more savvy, Snapchat. Each comes with a time + expense outlay that for many equates to more dollars on 'influencers' and advertising. Being on Amazon is also a prize for many small businesses. But the challenges are the same for all food businesses and as many great new brands appear, others disappear.

Through our work at Treatmo, we have seen that being present on Amazon is not always enough and their costs can be more harmful than good. As a result, many small food businesses are pushing to gain visibility through emerging innovative channels where the expense and effort is less and also where they have less clutter to cut through, like Treatmo. 

Treatmo is a growing sales platform that combines all of the sales channel tools for selling that a small food business might want. It includes AI through locational services for events and nearby pick up. Additional features like digital punch cards, marketplace visibility and--coming this August--a messaging tool for chatting with customers, make it a one-stop solution for building a repeat customer base.

Our team sees the future of small food makers as one where success is less dependent on website development or advertising on massive e-commerce platforms like Amazon that continue to balloon. As consumers shift their focus to more local, natural food seller driven sales platforms that consumers trust will gain marketshare on larger platforms as food businesses begin to take back control and revenue to do more on their own.

With the growth of Treatmo for small local food producers making natural food, there is an opportunity for success. Customers are willing to try new technology to get closer to the products they love, and Treatmo makes it easy to get those products however they are sold all in one platform -- shipping, local delivery, mobile pay, and pick up.

While mobile shopping for grocery continues to become a more significant channel in the general e-commerce vector, an App like Treatmo that places a business strategically in the growing App market where it is always be conveniently accessible by mobile device is a safe investment for the cluttered future.

Contact our team to learn about selling on Treatmo.