Food Delivery Is A Snap with Treatmo App

As a small food business, you are likely to start out with an e-commerce website solution, if you decide to build a website at all.

After the first two months, you might have a basic website with or without an active shopping cart. At that point you're a step ahead of many small food businesses. In fact, many small food businesses with physical locations such as pop ups or farmers markets, can take years to build out a simple shopping cart.

According to a survey by Clutch (March 14, 2017), 

  • 58% of small businesses in the Midwest have a website
  • 72% of small businesses in the Northeast have a website,
  • 73% of small businesses in the South have a website
  • 77% of small businesses in the West have a website.

92% of small businesses plan to have a website by the end of 2018.

The barriers to building a website range from technical difficulty, time and resources, need, cost and perceived importance.

For small startup food businesses moving fresh or packaged food, creating a digital presence is a necessary first step to increase sales velocity and build long term gain. The technology for creating that purchase point for customers needs to be a top priority, but the least of your worries.

Websites are often cumbersome and costly with fees for the activation of new sales channels, additional SKU's and customer chat. For some, the investment in building a website outweighs the time and cost needed for being in the kitchen. After a long day on your feet in the kitchen and fulfilling orders, building a website and creating content for traffic generation becomes low priority.

Once you have determined your product portfolio, production cycle and inventory, you might discover you are more able to and willing to do more than shipping and pick up for your product. It might be in your business interest to offer local delivery too.

Delivery and Pick Up Solutions

When you use Treatmo App for your business, your package comes with every sales channel you might want for your business already built in. Setting up an omni-channel Treatmo store front is fast and simple. Activation of a sales tool is as easy as tapping a button and adding in the relevant details for your business without any additional fees.

Increasingly, businesses are choosing to run and manage delivery of their product themselves. At the start of a company lifecycle this is the most efficient and cost effective solution. Treatmo offers a simple solution for capturing delivery orders. while sending of digital receipts, and order updates happens through email and the app.

If your operation is driven by delivery, Treatmo offers the fastest solution for getting delivery orders out from day one. With delivery services charging upwards of 30% on orders, taking more control of your business, especially when you're starting out, ensures you'll be able to put more cash back into your business for growth. Treatmo's low fees and 0 fee for 60 days, no contract, offer, helps small businesses get moving quickly.

With Treatmo pick up orders, businesses only need to add the necessary details for the customer from their dashboard. The app then attaches all relevant information to the customer's digital receipt. Map details are available in the branded store front and the customer's order history for quick retrieval. Locational services in the app help ensure your business stands out as well at the local level. Treatmo chat, launching in August 2018, enables seamless customer messaging to ensure smooth fulfillment of orders.

As the number of customers using mobile as their point of purchase grows, it’s a safe guarantee that your sales will likely come from a mobile website or an app if not today, in the very near future. The best insurance for capturing the greatest number of customers, while increasing visibility with minimal effort today, is to setup a Treatmo store front.

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