Perfect Snacks For The World Cup

These Snacks Will Put The Ball In The Back Of The Net

The World Cup has reached the knockout rounds and it's getting exciting. The talent is compelling and the goals so far have been thrilling. What better way to enjoy the games and see who comes out on top than to have great snacks to eat throughout the entire game, especially if it goes to a shoot out. Here's five snacks that you'll want on your team.

Garlic & Herb Almonds

Flavored almonds are perfect for snacking since they promote heart and brain health, which are both important  for athletes and fans alike. These almonds from Fat Uncle Farms in California are grown without irrigation or fertilizers so they are nutrient dense. Try the roasted Garlic and Herb flavor.


Naked Brunette Macaroons

These macaroons are so healthy and made with fewer than five ingredients that they are branded as Naked by b Naked Chocolate. Made with coconut and cacao, they are a healthy dessert style snack that will give you energy and enjoyment at the same time. Try the Naked Blonde Macaroon as well!


Chili and Garlic Pili Nuts

These Pili Nuts are a Philippine superfood. They are buttery soft and taste like a combo of macadamia nuts and cashews. Roasted and flavored by the Peele Co. in Las Vegas, they provide a complete protein and are an excellent source of Vitamin E.


Snacking Cacao

Like chocolate, but don't want to devour an entire chocolate bar during the game. Drying something less rich and more natural. Snacking cacao are roasted shelled cacao beans that have been flavors. They provide a nice crunch, raw chocolate flavor, and a burst of anti-oxidants. Made by the Good King Co., they are sourced in Honduras and Indonesia from small farms.


Fresh Gourmet Cookies

When it's time to celebrate and we hope every team has a chance at the final round, then there's not better time to break out the cookies. Make sure they are the good ones like gourmet fresh cookies from CurlyTop Baker in Las Vegas. They have wonderful flavors and even a Vegan Chocolate Chip cookie. They also give back to the Las Vegas homeless community in a big way. Shop them by the dozen.


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