Treatmo's Grocery Technology Connects Digital Shoppers And Local Food Brands

Ecommerce Is The Fastest Growing Sales Channel In Food

Two major trends are beginning to impact traditional grocery sales. First, grocery shopping is just starting to go digital, especially for snacks, pantry items, and cooking ingredients. While only 2% of grocery shopping is online in the U.S., it's clearly the beginning of a major shift. Second, smaller brands made by local food entrepreneurs with a strong digital presence are taking market share from the established big food brands as indicated by their slowing sales, dropping stock prices, and departing CEOs.

The ecommerce disruption that is occurring in food especially with recent acquisitions by Amazon/Whole Foods, Kroger/Ocado, and Walmart/ to ramp up or expand their digital and retail presence in the food space have cost billions and it's just the start. With so much growth ahead in digital shopping, any technology that can give the slightest edge today will payoff in large profits in the future as the trends will reward good business decisions.

Treatmo's local food grocery technology provides a strategic lift to large food companies looking to enhance their digital strategy. Treatmo technology connects shoppers directly with local food merchants for a seamless shopping experience that matches their lifestyles - digitally connected and searching for specialty locally made foods that are healthier and fun to chat about in social media.

Treatmo already partners with natural better-for-you food makers who produce healthier snack options, cooking ingredients, pantry items and clean desserts and chocolates all of which are the most convenient products to order online. The merchants create an individual store in the app which is unique selling screen with a branded shopping cart through checkout and purchase resulting in less abandonment.

Treatmo's grocery technology is also in-line with the shopping habits of millennials in the age range of 25 to 40 years who have a strong buying likelihood of food products with clean ingredients, who like to chat about good food, and are more interested in using mobile technology for food discovery and shopping.

It's the smaller brands in Treatmo that are already having an impact on the large food companies. Many millennial shoppers, especially those who have less time to visit grocery stores and want to order by mobile phone, find Treatmo to be the grocery app most convenient for their needs as they look for better options or newer options than than the permanent brands on the shelves at local grocery stores.

With the grocery industry changing and ecommerce being the fastest growth channel, Treatmo technology gives companies an instant tool and flexibility to build their digital business well into the future.