Emerging Brands Growing With E-commerce

Ecommerce and Mcommerce Platforms Enable Merchants To Be More Competitive

Ecommerce platforms allow merchants to tap into digital shopping which is the fastest growing sales channel in the retail industry. It's also changing how food and snacks are being sold. With ecommerce smaller food brands are able to reach a larger audience than through traditional grocery store distribution and grow quickly. It's also helping larger brands target niche audiences more directly and expand their reach.

Ecommerce and the emerging mobile commerce or mcommerce, where shoppers use mobile phone apps to shop, are helping emerging brands shape buying communities with an online presence which produces healthy revenue flows.

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With digital commerce platforms, there's more power for the food merchant as they are able to change product and pricing strategies instantly, provide more information about their story, and utilize various digital marketing strategies to enourage purchasing behavior. These include promos, loyalty, social commerce with chat, and easy gifting.

Shipping is also becoming more advanced. As shoppers have less time to shop in physical retail locations, merchants can fine tune shipping charges to make their products easier to get and encourage customers to shop their own commerce sites instead of through the major e-tailers who take a large percentage of the sale for fulfillment.

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Treatmo launched its mobile commerce platform and digital shopping cart three years ago and has seen many emerging brands use the features of the enterprise tool to provide easier discovery and access to their products. In fact, Treatmo is easier than setting up a website on the main ecommerce platforms and enables selling in just ten minutes. It also reduces shopping cart abandonment and provides a branded checkout for emerging food brands to keep their customers engaged and excited.

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