Tofu Salad Recipe With Umami Hot Sauce

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. Makes The Perfect Sauce For This Refreshing Salad

Seed Ranch Flavor Co. in Boulder, Co, produces gourmet hot sauces with amazing ingredients. For this recipe we used their Umami Hot Sauce which is made from oven dried olives, Porcini mushrooms, capers, chipotle, and tamari sauce. It has a very full savory flavor with a mild after burn from the chili seasoning. Because of the mild heat, you can pour a good amount on to a salad as a light dressing. Here's our vegan Tofu Salad recipe using this delicious sauce.

Add Tomatoes and Cucumbers


Add Chopped Extra Firm Tofu


Add Sliced Sweet Onions


Pour On Umami Hot Sauce by Seed Ranch Flavor Co.


Top With Sesame Seeds


Mix The Salad


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