If You Love Chili Flavored Nuts Look No Further

Try These Three Amazing Healthy Chili Nuts For Snacking

If you love chili flavored snacks and want to keep it healthier than what you'd find at the convenience store, try these amazing chili flavored nuts. They are easy to snack on, have a good crunch, and are flavored naturally so that you're getting only good ingredients. It makes a difference since you may snack quite a bit and it's always better to consumer healthier foods when possible. These snacks are guilt free and provide a nice heat with every crunch.

Cajun Flavored Almonds

These almonds grown in California's Central Valley are from a small family farm that's been growing and selling almonds since 1963. The almonds are grown without artificial irrigation and without fertilizers. They use natural ingredients for the flavoring and the Cajon seasoning is addictive.

Cajun Almonds by Fat Uncle Farms In California

Cajun Almonds by Fat Uncle Farms In California

Chili & Garlic Roasted Pili Nuts

PIli Nuts are a superfood nut from the Philippines. They provide high levels of Vitamin E which is great for skin health and also provide a complete protein. They are high in magnesium and manganese as well. They soft buttery texture makes them easy to snack on. Sourced and then flavored by Peele Co. in Las Vegas, they are a very healthy snack.

Chili & Garlic Pili Nuts by Peele Co. in Las Vegas

Chili & Garlic Pili Nuts by Peele Co. in Las Vegas

Chili Lime Cashews

Cashews are so enjoyable to eat and they can actually improve your state of mind since they have mood enhancing nutrients. They also provide protein and fiber. These cashews are sourced from small farms in Indonesia from nuts+nuts based in NYC. The Chili Lime Leaf cashews are naturally flavored and a perfect snack. 


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