Treatmo Advances Commerce For Food Entrepreneurs

Treatmo is the leading mobile commerce platform for local food entrepreneurs.

Opening a natural food business is a dream for many people across America. It may start from a family recipe, an award at a local food competition, or a mission to make an old favorite healthier. With the industry growing rapidly as more consumers look to eat healthier the opportunity to develop a successful business is there for those willing to take the risk.

One operational area that many food entrepreneurs focus less on as they work to get on shelves or sell at local pop ups is the digital commerce side of sales. It takes time to research, set up, and fine tune an e-commerce strategy. Many website builders or shopping cart websites are not straight-forward. Some require the installation of additional apps once the basic site is designed for local delivery, shipping or pick up. They may also have tiered pricing schemes depending on the number of features added. Costs quickly multiply and e-commerce gets pushed aside. 

When you're a small business, the first goal is to make money day one. Nothing should get in the way of that.

In response to these issues, Treatmo App was created as the simplest and most convenient way to start selling making it easier for entrepreneurs to establish a digital commerce strategy from day one.

Treatmo is an application for mobile devices (currently available on iTunes). The simple, templatized web-based tool for merchants on the backend, feeds a business store front in the app. All information about the business is fully customizable. But Treatmo takes the hassle out of setup with easy to fill out forms and product menus to make opening a store easy. Once the store is complete on the backend, a business only has to turn their store on to be a part of the local natural foods marketplace in Treatmo App.

With 95% of all Americans owning some sort of mobile device, with enough processing power to replace PCs, embracing mobile technology for selling fresh and packaged food is the way to establish a channel of growth over the long term.

A few unique advantages of Treatmo store fronts that helps your natural food business stand out.

Set Up and Start selling In 10 Minutes

Treatmo makes it easy to start selling quickly. With all business details at the ready, setup can be completed in 10 minutes with a minimum of one product listing.

Through Treatmo's web-based backend platform, it's easy to register a business, load a product, and activate. Once all details are completed and live in the app, customer's will see a fully branded store front, detailed product descriptions and photos.  

A website can take weeks to perfect. With Treatmo, businesses can direct customers to their Treatmo storefront and start taking orders instantly.

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With Treatmo, there's no tiered pricing, contracts or annual fees. A small transaction fee of just 3.5% covers all of the capabilities and features of the selling platform. It's easy to manage, especially when you're just launching your business or a new product.


Versatile Selling

Treatmo is an omni-channel commerce platform. Omni-channel means being able to take orders for multiple sales channels including orders for:

  • Shipping
  • Local Delivery
  • Local Pick-up
  • In Store Payment (Mobile Pay)
  • Payment At An Event

Some food businesses only ship, but a growing number are looking local and offering pick up or delivery in their city along with shipping nationally. 

With the growing number of food events for vendors to sell, Treatmo can be used as a payment tool before or during an event or in-store. Retail is changing rapidly and shoppers want options for receiving goods in the most convenient way. Treatmo recognizes that and creates a seamless shopping experience.

Largest Suite Of Selling features ever

Loyalty: Set up a loyalty program in seconds. Choose how many points will result in a free item and activate. Customer and the merchant receive a notification of the loyalty reward instantly.

Chat: Treatmo provides a chat feed. Friends get to see the post and chat about the purchase. Treatmo's social commerce element is about to get a big relaunch this June 2018 to make communication more fun and sharing of recipes and products a lot easier.  

Location: Manage locations easily so customers know where they can find you if you offer pick up or mobile pay at events. Set times and dates to manage access to your products.

Business Profile: All of your business details are visible through one-touch buttons on the store front. Instantly convey your story, product highlights, food features, and sales channels in a tap.

Easy To Gift: Want to send a food item or gift bag to a friend. Treatmo makes it easy to gift friends by email and text. 

Pre-Orders: Developing a new product? Take pre-orders easily in Treatmo and build a revenue stream before the product is even launched.

Promo Codes: Running a special? Provide a Promo Code to your customers which they can apply at checkout.

Digital Receipts: Customer order history is neatly intact making it simple to track back to recent orders and make a repeat.

Events Listing: Get your local buying community to our events! Location based listing of your events  with times and locations with a tap from the app's home screen.

Mobile Pay: One of the first companies to offer mobile pay to small juice bars and organic cafes in NYC's East Village. Lets customers skip the check out line in-store or at an event. Customers pre-pay in the app, get a voucher, and redeem instantly to get their order. Ultra convenience for your paying customers.

Treatmo advances commerce for small and medium sized food businesses and removes technology burdens for entrepreneurs to become successful. Treatmo integrates easily into the digital strategy of a food business at any stage and helps companies connect directly to the growing audience of digital shoppers quickly.

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