The Real Flavors Of The South Made Healthy By KYVAN Foods

Better Eating Made Easy

Do you have a taste for the flavors of the south? We're talking about mouth watering food, intense seasoning, great BBQ sauce and rubs, and always something sweet to go along with the meal. 

You may have lived in the south, traveled there, or tried the food at a restaurant. Now you can appreciate the tastes everyday with KYVAN Foods which makes it as simple as possible to enjoy delicious southern cooking in your own home with their natural food products. 

We chatted with Reggie Kelly, the Founder and Owner of KYVAN Foods and a former NFL Pro of 13 seasons, who has made these authentic southern flavors easy for everyday use in your kitchen and for your parties.

Reggie grew up in Mississippi among a family of amazing cooks who new how to create true Southern food masterpieces. They naturally were able to "put a little bit of that in this and a little bit of this in that" and created food that everyone loved.

After a long career in the NFL, Reggie and his wife Sheila ran football camps for local youth in Mississippi and, true to Southern style, they cooked a huge meal for the players at the end of the day. Word of their great food got out and on the advice of their friends they decided to start a food business with their flavorful Southern recipes so that everyone could enjoy the them.

But they decided to do it differently than most companies. They chose to use natural, local and domestic ingredients that are as fresh as possible to make the flavor intense but also to make it healthy. Reggie learned during his NFL days that eating healthy had a big impact on his performance and how he felt. He experienced more energy and less joint pain when he ate well and was able to play to new levels. He wanted his sauces to reflect that style of eating for his customer's benefit as well.

With an entrepreneurial drive, Reggie launched KYVAN Foods in 2011. The name is a combination of the names of his two children and, almost instantly, large retail customers were stocking his popular foods. KYVAN was born!

Honey Apple Salsa

KYVAN's Southern foods include their always popular Honey Apple Salsa which is made with the freshest ingredients. It can be used on everything as a condiment, a relish, and of course as a party dip for chips and more. Try it on burgers and also in chili.


Southern Style BBQ Sauce

KYVAN also offers three wonderful BBQ sauces including Sweet Potato BBQ Sauce, Cherry Apple BBQ Sauce, and Honey Apple BBQ Sauce. Always wanting to create something new and unique for the market that already had a large offering of BBQ sauces, the Sweet Potato BBQ Sauce is a first and benefits from all of the natural B vitamins in sweet potatoes. KYVAN BBQ sauces are true Southern flavor and energizing nutrition at the same time!


Honey Apple Butter

KYVAN makes delicious Honey Apple Butter, a wonderful sweet spread for biscuits, pancakes, muffins, toast, crackers or just eat it straight out of the jar like Reggie. It tastes just like Grandma's and is made from fresh apples and premium honey.


Jambalaya Sauce

Lastly, if you love jambalaya, a true Southern mixture of rice, meat and intense flavoring, try their Jambalaya Sauce, which is made with dry roasted Cajun spices and the flavor creating combination of bell peppers, celery, and garlic. This sauce lets you cook a jambalaya meal without any effort.

The wonderful flavors of KYVAN make it easy to cook quickly and easily and get big flavor without much effort. Use them on your everyday favorites and beyond. The BBQ sauces can be added to any dish and even be used for dipping vegetables and it'll make it seem like you spent hours preparing the food when it only takes minutes. KYVAN has done all of the work for you.

This is especially true of the Jambalaya Sauce which lets you make an authentic Creole meal in 15 minutes and still get the amazing flavors that you'd find if you were to travel through the South eating at local restaurants.

The best part of KYVAN Foods is that they are perfect for a summer cookout or game day party. You can impress your friends with fresh and real southern flavors and take your parties to the Pro level with very little effort. Try the salsa on your comfort foods, on burgers and hot dogs, and make those foods stand out. Put the BBQ sauce on anything you grill and even cover roasted veggies or fries with it. You'll have parties to remember.

You can order KYVAN Foods on the Treatmo App and have their foods shipped to your kitchen and let the real flavors of the South come to life in your meals everyday.

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