Best Locally Made Treats For Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on May 13 this year and there's nothing better than treating Mom to delicious sweet treats that are fun to eat and also made by local food makers. Locally made foods mean less regret when you bite into a soft chewy chocolate chip cookie, delicious goat's milk fudge, or superfood truffles because of the small batch production, better ingredients, and minimal processing. These are the best treats to make Mother's Day 2018 a hit and they are all available on the Treatmo App in a tap direct from the local food maker.

Candy Gift Bag by Black Mesa Ranch

If Mom loves dark chocolate fudge, chocolate fudge sauce, and candied pecans, this gift bag from Black Mesa Ranch is sure to please. Made from fresh goat's milk which comes from certified humanely raised goats on their ranch in the mountains of eastern Arizona, these confections are gourmet and worth every bite. The Candy Gift Bag contains three quarter-pound fudge pieces -- Dark Chocolate (no nuts), Dark Chocolate with Walnuts, and Fudge on Fire. It also contains a 2 ounce jar of Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce for your ice cream sundaes plus two 2 ounce bags of Spiced Pecans for delightful snacking. Enjoy!


Gourmet Cookies by CurlyTop Baker

Looking for the best gourmet cookies around, try these amazing cookies by CurlyTop Baker located in Las Vegas. Made with premium Non-GMO ingredients, they are baked fresh without preservatives and shipped to your home. They are so fresh, make sure to eat them within 10 days, but that probably won't be a problem for Mom.


Vegan Dark Chocolate Truffles by b Naked Chocolates

The rich and indulgent truffles are made with only five ingredients including cacao, cashews, and maple syrup. The are a healthy indulgence since they contain these nice super foods and won't slow you Mom down. There are a range of flavors including the raspberry treats!


Coconut Brittle by Bakefully Yours

Bakefully Yours from the D.C. & Northern Virginia area make vegan treats like this fabulous coconut brittle. It's so great for munching on and made with healthy coconut for a satisfying treat the Mom will want all the time.


Vegan Chocolate Bars from Farmhouse Chocolates

Looking for a better chocolate bar? Look no further than Farmhouse Chocolates in Vermont. This chocolate makers uses the best natural ingredients and make chocolate bars that are better than what you'll find on the shelf. They are vegan, organic, fair-trade and soy free.


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