Food And Film Merge in Innovative New Vegan Web-Series Kombuchachacha

As more people look to a plant-based diet for healthy living, young filmmakers take to the screen to bring it to life through visual storytelling. Hear from the creators of new web-series Kombuchachacha in this podcast.

One thing is for sure, food is never boring. Two New York filmmakers make vegetables dance in their latest video series, Kombuchachacha. In this podcast episode, the founder of Fountain Avenue Productions Dionne van den Berg and business partner Pooja Tripathi share the behind-the-scenes of making their innovative vegan web-series Kombuchachacha. We discuss the business of filmmaking, women in film, entrepreneurship and their passion for vegan food, including what they eat on their busy schedules.

Food tips insidE, including a go-to breakfast favorite: toast with almond butter and banana. 

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Watch the veggies dance in the first episode of Kombuchachacha.

Learn more about New York-based Fountain Avenue Productions.

Watch the trailer for STRANGERS IN LOVE.


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