Juice On The Go With Nutrient Rich Mediterranean Seawater

There are 78 extra bio-avaiable minerals in these drinks from purified seawater.

As temperatures rise this summer, it's always great to have a delicious hydrating and healthy beverage on hand at home or on a road trip. Juice is a popular way to consume nutrients and get refreshing flavor at the same time. For those that want to take their juice on the go and even raise the health benefits of their beverage, there's a great new choice on the market.

Zumo Juice Co. based in Tiburon, CA, makes three great juice flavors, but they are all made with a base of nutrient rich Mediterranean seawater. The seawater comes from the coasts of Spain where it is purified. Seventy-eight bio available minerals that don't exist in regular water can be found in Zumo Juice's seawater. The seawater also provides electrolytes and is excellent for hydration and restoring the body's balance.

ZUMO Juice Co. Samples

ZUMO Juice Co. Samples

Zumo, which is a brand from Mediterranea Seawater, combines healthy seawater with fresh vegetables and fruits to make all-natural drinks which include Zumo Lemonade, Zumo Tomato Juice, and Zumo Gazpacho. These drinks are made without any extra ingredients and are not from concentrates. The Tomato Juice for example is simply Spanish grown tomatoes and seawater.

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Lemonade Juice

Zumo Lemonade is sweet, tart, and a little salty. It's refreshing and bright in flavor and filled with life's essential minerals and nutrients. Lemon juice is a great source of Vitamin C.

ZUMO SW Lemonade w:Glass.png

Tomato Juice

Zumo Tomato Juice may be the best tomato juice you haven't had yet. It combines only two ingredients - Spanish grown tomatoes and Mediterranea Seawater. It's rich in flavor and better than what you'd find on the grocery store shelf. Add habanero dill pickles into the juice glass from Seattle Pickle Co. for a mocktail style treat. Shop Seattle Pickle Co. as well on Treatmo.

ZUMO SW Tomato w:Glass copy.png


Zumo Gazpacho is an award-winning soup turned beverage. It's made with real Spanish produce and Mediterranea Seawater. It's a delicious salad right out of the bottle and filled with vitamins.

ZUMO SW Gazpacho w:Glass.png

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