Black Mesa Ranch Goat Milk Fudge Gift Bag Is A Candy Lover's Treat

Three goat milk chocolate fudge flavors, fudge sauce and spiced pecans from Arizona make a perfect gift set.

Black Mesa Ranch Dark Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts

Black Mesa Ranch Dark Chocolate Fudge with Walnuts

It's hard to resist chocolate fudge. It's the ultimate indulgence. It's so dense and rich with chocolate flavor, it's hard to stop eating it. Black Mesa Ranch makes it even harder to put down. They created a delicious fudge made with fresh goat's milk from the open range Nubian dairy goats on their ranch in the mountains of Arizona. Along with a simple ingredients list, their treats are about as fresh and natural as fudge can get!

Black Mesa Ranch is located on 280 beautiful acres in the White Mountains in Northeastern Arizona and is off the grid due to its extremely rural location. All of their power is generated by solar or wind energy. The goat herd lives on the ranch and is certified humane raised and handled. The ranch is completely sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The owners David and Kathryn decided to leave the city environment in Tucson and move where they could enjoy the outdoors and create something wonderful. They purchased their land in the White Mountains for the climate and lifestyle options. To be sustainable with fresh milk they started developing a dairy goat herd and raising other barnyard animals.


From the herd they produced fresh milk and delved into making cheese and then eventually to delicious fudge. Their cheese is sold at Whole Foods and fudge through the Treatmo Market.

Many of their products have won awards. The three flavors of fudge in the candy gift bag include Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge, Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge With Walnuts, and Belgian Dark Chocolate Fudge On Fire with Arizona pecans and Concho chilies. The Fudge On Fire won the 2018 Scovies Award which is an award given to the best food products made with chiles.


The Candy Gift Bag also includes their super Dark Chocolate Fudge Sauce which won at the Arizona State Fair in 2017. Their food has "no funny ingredients" and is also made with their fresh goat milk. A perfect ice cream sundae topping, it's also great for dipping fruit.


The Candy Gift Bag also has spiced pecans. The fancy pecans are grown in Arizona and then spiced with two flavors: Orange Spiced pecans and Hot Chipotle Spiced pecans. They are a perfect snacking treat and a nice balance to the sweet fudge.

These freshly made candies from this rural mountain ranch are better than the fudge you'll find at the boardwalk or at the roadside tourist stop. It's real fudge with fresh ingredients.

Find them in Treatmo App (download on iTunes). Favorite the Black Mesa Ranch store in the App and shop or gift their Candy Gift Bag for yourself or for friends. Shipping included.

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