Faster Than Designing A Website, Treatmo Enables Instant Commerce

Leave the web behind with mobile for small business.

The burden of building and maintaining a website for a food business, even with template stores now available, is still cumbersome and time consuming. Confusing setups, often linking to third party-payment platforms, and the inelegant arrangement of products in a store, make it hard for business owners who want to focus on their product instead of website gymnastics. Add to it the ever-present problem of setting up shipping, many merchants simply give up and publish non-functional sites resulting in lost business.

From the customer perspective, every website is different and requires time to navigate. Even finding relevant information such as where a product is made, or how to get it, might be buried. Then finally at checkout many sites prompt customers to register an account before paying, delaying the purchase further and forcing a customer to leave a footprint they might not want. 

Transitioning to the right mobile commerce (or m-commerce) platform solves all of these problems for food merchants and customers quickly. A mobile for business application goes where the web can’t and faster by optimizing technology and engagement tools of smart devices, providing key information at-a-glance upfront, and offering simple check out in a tap. Customers and businesses win with more convenient and simple interactions.

According to a major payments research firm, “m-commerce is going to experience explosive growth as retailers flock to the channel because that is where consumers increasingly want to shop.” In fact, mobile commerce’s share of digital sales is expected to increase from 20% in 2015 to 46% in 2020.

Leading the way for small food businesses across the U.S. that want an instant m-commerce capability, enhanced discoverability and a reduction in website effort and maintenance, Treatmo offers a simple solution. 

Small Food Businesses Setup Quickly To Sell On Treatmo

Starting with iOS, Treatmo creates a consistent design across all business pages  in the application for easy customer interaction and effective business branding. The template makes customizing and personalizing product and business information easy, and provides user-friendly tools to get up and running instantly. Businesses turn on shipping, delivery or pick up quickly and even offer mobile pay without any fuss and customize customer receipts.

Branded And Intuitive Customer Check Out

Mobile store front pages powered by Treatmo reach customers in an engaging and personalized way. A branded and intuitive checkout experience with easy cart edit and seamless ordering from purchase to personalized receipts, all contained within the app, creates efficiency for customers to return, review and repeat orders anytime.

Tools That Fuel Efficiency And Awareness

Going further than the silo experience of visiting a single URL on the web and fruitless searches for diet-friendly products available at small local businesses, Treatmo places like-minded natural and fresh food chefs and food merchants together on a single platform. 

The app offers intelligent discovery such as the carousel-style stream of featured products, bulk products, and all products available for shipping, locationally driven tools to create visibility of events, pop ups and food carts, and search by food values (like paleo and gluten free), all power an ecosystem where customers benefit from more information from the start and businesses gain from better local and national visibility. 

With the launch of our latest product on February 7, 2018, the Treatmo App makes shopping for local and natural food by phone, and business setup and discovery for merchants, a refreshingly easy and intuitive experience.

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