Avocado Pudding For Breakfast

Eggs and oatmeal everyday gets boring. We made pudding for breakfast.

vegan cacao pudding

When I made this pudding for a friend before 9 AM, the comment was, "It's not sweet." When I replied, "It's breakfast pudding," the return response was, "Oh! You should have said that. It's great!" 

Are we all eating too much sugar? If sugar consumption crosses over from dessert to meal time then probably yes. And if dessert is everyday, multiple times a day then the answer is also, yes. Eating too much sugar all day long is like filling your car with the wrong fuel. Eventually, it will break down. 

Breakfast cereals are loaded with sugar (and hidden sugar). Some brands have even gone so far as to say that the coconut sugar in their cereal is nutritious. Read the labels because you might also find that the dried fruit in the cereal is processed with its own cane sugar. No one needs all that sugar during important meals that are meant to fuel your brain and body. 

I got sick of sugary cereals and bored with eggs and oatmeal. I made breakfast pudding instead.

This is so easy, you don't even need measuring spoons. Use a basic kitchen spoon that you would use to eat your cereal.

With this recipe you're getting healthy fats--while not overdoing it on the coconut--fiber and protein (chia has fats, fiber and protein), along with additional vitamins and minerals from the raw cacao.

Avocado Breakfast Pudding - serves 2

(using a basic small kitchen spoon for eating to measure)

  • 1 scoop chia
  • 3 scoops coconut milk
  • 2 ripe avocados
  • 1 scoop coconut oil
  • 2 scoops raw cacao (not cocoa)
  • A scoop of hemp seeds (optional)

First, place your chia in a small bowl and add the coconut milk. Let it sit while you prep the rest.

Scoop out the avocado of two ripe avocados and add to a blender. Add the rest of your ingredients, followed by the chia (note: the longer the chia sits, the more plump the granules get).

Blend all the ingredients together until smooth and eat!

If you want it a bit sweeter, I recommend adding a drizzle or two of farm direct maple syrup such as Purinton Maple or Square Deal Farm (both available on Treatmo App in Bulk for better value. Farm direct has more flavor than most supermarket brands).

I used cold pressed organic coconut oil for the most health benefits. Refined options strip the oil of some of the health benefits, cold pressed is the more pure option. Try Kämen Foods available on Treatmo app. 

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