How Treatmo Makes A Mediterranean Diet Easier

A Mediterranean Diet has been acknowledge by dietitians and hospitals alike for its health promoting qualities. It's a diet low in meat and saturated fats and high in vegetables, legumes, and fiber. It has been linked to a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes.

It one of the easier diets to follow because it doesn't completely exclude any food group, but advocates larger portions of greens and veggies and lower portions of meat and fish. There are many recipe books available to help come up with meal ideas using great ingredients. Here's how Treatmo makes it easier to shop these Mediterranean Diet ingredients and keep them stocked for easy use.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Olive oil in the Mediterranean Diet is drizzle over almost everything, especially salads, baked foods, on grape leaves, and even just for dipping bread. This EVOO by Kamen Foods is sourced from Chile and has excellent flavor.



Hummus, which is pureed chickpeas with tahini and other flavors is a big culinary trend. Not only is it popular among Mediterranean Diets but also worldwide as a great food as a spread and for a appetizer like dip. Try this hummus by Hummister which you can take with you anywhere as a portable snack.


Fresh Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is used frequently in the Mediterranean Diet. When for Italian food such as pasta or pizzas, it's also great in lentil soups, stewing greens like chard, on bruschetta, and in baked dishes like shakshuka. Enjoy this amazing tomato sauce using fresh California tomatoes. The recipe come from a well know Italian family restaurant in New Jersey.



If you've travelled to Mediterranean countries, you'll be served olives wherever you go. They're healthy, and tastily snack, and fun to eat. Try these olives from Brooklyn Whatever. which are a family recipe.


Vegetable Based Pasta

Pasta is a staple in the Mediterranean Diet. Instead of choosing the refined pasta products from the supermarket, try these healthy and gourmet vegetable-based pastas from Texas Gourmet Pasta. They include many great Mediterranean ingredients already including artichokes, lemon, spinach, garlic, and more.



Pistachios are very popular in the Mediterranean region. They provide protein and other great nutrients. Try these flavored pistachios by ProNutz from California.


Mediterranean Seawater

If you want an ingredient directly from the Mediterranean, try this seawater by Mediterranea. Its real seawater from Spain that includes a wide range of trace nutrients an minerals, Use it in cooking, or try their other products like lemonade, tomato juice, and seawater potato chips.

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Lemon Flavored Dessert

Lemon is a prized citrus in Mediterranean cooking. It provides good dose Vitamin C and helps which digestion. Try those delicious Lemon Bars by b Naked Chocolates.


You can shop all of these great products on Treatmo App and make your new Mediterranean diet fun, delicious and easy to enjoy.

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