Food So Good You'll Eat It Straight From The Jar

Short on time and need a quick boost, skip your typical snack and eat food straight from the jar. 

We love a good snack, in fact we're all about them. Keeping a healthy snack within reach at all times is something the Treatmo Market is really good at.

But who said a snack has to be in a neat wrapper or package. A scoop full of good food right from the jar is the snack and energy boost most people miss and it's right in the fridge. 

When food is made cleaner without additives, preservatives, artificial ingredients and excess sugar, it might actually be better than an average snack bar. Check the label on your snack and you'll often find glucose, cane sugar, palm oil and soy lecithin.

Skip all the food that's unnecessary for a quick energy boost and go straight to the good food that's nutrient rich and naturally dense in energy without extra sugar. Try these favorites from the Treatmo Market that we scoop everyday right from the jar. Download (on iTunes)

Heidi's Salsa - California Made

fresh salsa

Jar Goods - Tomato Sauce - Pennsylvania Made

vine ripened tomato sauce vegan

Silly Chilly - Mango Achar - New Jersey Made

mango achar

Ground Up PDX - Mixed Nut Butters - Portland Made

creamy almond cardamom butter

Brooklyn Whatever - Apple Butter - Brooklyn Made

apple butter

Try them all. They make great gifts too.