Powerful And Portable Protein Snacks

Protein snack recommendations for a busy lifestyle.

It's not hard to get protein during the day. A balanced meal or protein rich snacks can help meet the daily requirement. Although getting enough protein is always a concern, most nutritionists suggest we get too much protein, and we actually need less than we may think.

It may be healthier to focus on the quality of protein that we're getting.  Since we only need a modest amount of protein to get through the day, seeking protein rich foods without side effects may help reduce illness in the long run. Getting protein from highly processed meats may lead to diabetes, heart disease and certain cancers.

Plant-based proteins can provide as much protein as meat. If you're a busy person, here are powerful protein snacks that provide the nutrients you need to keep going, which may also reduce the need for a quick stop at the deli for a big sandwich with all the toppings.

Pulse Roasted Garbanzos

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Garbanzos or chickpeas are legumes that are rich in protein along with fiber. When roasted and flavored, they're a crunch snack that will satisfy your munchies throughout the day.

Snacking Hummus By Hummistir


This portable hummus goes wherever you go. It does need refrigeration until opened, but they are the right size for a snack. Also made with garbanzos, it packs a smooth protein punch.

Almonds and Olive Oil from Napa Valley Extra Virgin

Tasty snack with healthy fats from Napa Valley olive oil.

Tasty snack with healthy fats from Napa Valley olive oil.

Almonds are protein power houses. Portable and fun to munch on, they are a super clean snack anytime.



These amazing snack bars have 5 grams of healthy protein per bar. They also have fiber, are vegan, and taste great!

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