How To Get More Raw Cacao In Your Diet

Raw cacao is a superfood that is the unprocessed form of dark chocolate.

Cacao powder is made from cacao beans that haven't been roasted and that have the cacao butter removed after being pressed. It's a top source of antioxidants which help fight chronic illness making it a superfood.

Raw cacao can lift mood and induce calm, help with blood circulation, and decrease inflammation. Because of the antioxidants it also prevents damage to cells and slows the aging process.

Most commercial chocolate bars do not contain raw cacao since they have been processed. But there are locally made products with raw cacao that are fun to eat and help you get this superfood into your diet in the easiest way possible.

Chocolate Truffles by b Naked Chocolates

Made with only five ingredients, including raw cacao, these truffles are rich in chocolate flavor, low in sugar, and provide a healthy indulgence with every bite.

raw chocolate truffles

CocoRau Raw Chocolate Bites

CocoRau from New York City makes raw cacao bites with additional superfood ingredients like matcha. They are perfect filling bites, satisfy your chocolate cravings, and make you feel great.

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Rawclates Chocolates

These chocolate bars are raw, made from raw cacao and other great ingredients. They ship from Brooklyn, NY, and give you that raw cacao boost!

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