4 Health Boosting Breakfast Swaps

To get more energy throughout the day, try these healthier breakfast swaps.

Eating a good breakfast is such an important meal. It provides necessary carbs for the day and is important for balance and energy. However, most of us eat food for breakfast that's high in sugar and uses refined wheat which has most or all of the bran and germ stripped from the grain. This removes fiber, protein, and fat that your body needs throughout the day. It also causes a spike insulin which can reduce blood sugar to lower levels than desired. When this happens you fell peaks and lows in energy.

To give our body more balance during the day try these breakfast swaps made from real ingredients, whole grains, and low glycemic recipes and see the effect!

Seven Whole Grain Pancakes

These pancakes are made from Whole Note's seven whole grain pancake mix. The whole grains ensure you're getting all of the nutrients for a slow balanced energy burn throughout the day.

Healthy whole grain pancake mix

No Sugar Added Granola

This no-sugar added granola by HI-Fi Bar has nuts, seeds, and grains all in a delicious mixture with four different flavors.

Pumpkin granola with no added sugar

Almonds By Fat Uncle Farms

Snacking on these almonds in the morning are a nice treat. From a farm that doesn't use irrigation or fertilizers they are nutrient dense and will keep you going all day.

Raw California almonds in bulk
Spicy jam made with jalapenos

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