How To Get More Lemon Every Day

Lemons are such a colorful citrus fruit to have in the kitchen. When you load a bunch of them in a clear bowl, they brighten up the entire room. Lemons are also incredible for your health. They provide Vitamin C which is a powerful anti-oxidant. There's even more that lemons do.

Lemons help break down food in your stomach which aids digestion. It's especially helpful as you age. They also have anti-aging properties. The anti-oxidants prevent cell decay over time. Lemons are a healthy source of potassium which helps counteract the blood pressure effect of salt.  Lastly, lemon can help prevent painful kidney stones due to the citric acid.

Here are several ways to get more lemon each day:

Lemon Bars by b Naked Chocolates



Lemonade With Seawater by Zumo

ZUMO SW Lemonade w:Glass.png


Lemon Zest Blueberry Snack Bars by Hi-Fi Bar



Lemon-Based Salad Dressings by Lemonette



Garlic Lemon Pepper Linguine By Texas Gourmet Pasta


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