Why Both Vegetarian And Mediterranean Diets Make You Healthier

A diet full of diverse, nutrient dense foods is central to vegetarian and Mediterranean diets.

A recent study suggests that both the vegetarian and Mediterranean diets present almost equal health and weight loss benefits. The study points to the variety of foods eaten and lower consumption of saturated fats, along with smarter portions at meal time, as key to managing obesity and illness.

A vegetarian diet excludes animal based food products but does allow egg and dairy. A Mediterranean diet is predominately vegetable based with small amounts of fish and meat. When a low calorie version of both diets was given to the participants, they lost weight and body fat, reduced their Body Mass Index, and most importantly, lowered their cholesterol.

The research was published in a journal of the American Heart Association and was conducted by doctors at the University of Florence in Italy. Both diets were high in fiber and were rich in vegetables, fruit, legumes, whole grains, and nuts. They were also low in saturated fats.

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