Treatmo Expands AI Capabilities to Locate and Shop Locally Made Real Food

With the demand for gourmet locally made food on the rise, consumers are seeking easier access to shop it.

The quality and freshness of natural locally made food has shoppers seeking it any way they can such as at farmers markets and at gourmet neighborhood grocery shops. But it's still a time consuming activity.

From small batch coconut brittle and hand made chocolates, to locally grown organic kale chips and freshly grated horseradish, locally made food is healthier, uses better ingredients, and offers much more natural flavor than the ultra-processed grocery store items. They also include a range of superfood and specialty ingredients that are often left out of mass market foods.

Because the local food producers are usually not allocating all of the product for the supermarkets, they usually offer a variety of ways to access their food. This can be local pick-up, local delivery, at events, as well as shipping for shelf-stable foods. However, if you are not a resident in that community it's hard to know exactly what's being produced and a convenient way to get it. For example, if a locally made product such as almond butter is a hit at a farmers market in Santa Monica, how would a consumer in Florida know about it?

It's a product that can easily be shipped, is very healthy, and is more fresh than an almond butter from the supermarket since the almonds are grown nearby on a family farm in the Central Valley and converted to almond butter quickly retaining the nutrients without long transport costs and months of shelf time. It's ideal compared to what most consumers have access to across the U.S., if only they new it was available. Given the current healthy crisis across American, it's more important than ever.

The problem of access to healthier, natural, and locally made food options can be overcome with technology. The Treatmo App has developed artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to make it simpler for any consumer across the U.S. to discover and access the locally made food options in any state almost instantly and order quickly.

Local Food To You

When you are in your own community or visiting another city and want to find a food product that is locally made such as almond milk, BBQ sauce, or baked goods, Treatmo makes it easy to find what's available for pick up or for local delivery. Using a complex search algorithm, when a user searches for a product, such a nut butter, the search first queries if the user wants all results for that item and then provides a second query for local pick or delivery. By doing so, the user knows what can be delivered to their location - be it a hotel room, a friends house, or their office. This makes discovery and access seamless regardless of the location and lets users tap into the local food options instantly.

Local Food Events Listing

Do you enjoy going to a farmers market in a new city to get a feel for the local flavors? Treatmo AI capabilities make it easy to find out exactly which events are going in which the merchants in the app are participating. For example, if you are visiting Boulder, Colorado, or Brooklyn, New York, by tapping the Events icon from the home screen, you'll see which events the merchant are in nearest to you. This is especially useful to see what going on that weekend, providing instant awareness of the local food access locations.

Local Food Nearby

Sometimes, you just want to know which food makers are near to you and in the same city. Treatmo makes that easy in the search results query for a specific items when it prompts "Nearby to You". When you tap it, it lists all of the locally made food merchants nearby to you know instantly which food makers are producing your favorite treat in your area.

As artificial intelligence expands, it can be harnessed to make finding real food near to you or wherever you go simple and convenient so you can always eat the best food all of the time.

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