8 Easy Ways To Be Healthier Each Day

Easy habits for a healthier you.

The nice thing about our bodies is that they are habit forming. For some this can be a disadvantage as there are many distractions in life. But this trait can be used to great advantage. By developing good habits, it may last with you throughout life and lead to many healthy years.

Small habits are crucial to make you feel your best. Here are several simple habits to make you healthier each day and happier in the long run.

Drink Water In The Morning

Hydration is a key to health. When your body is constantly dehydrated, it hurts your organs and body functions. It also makes your skin health worse. Try drinking two liters a day, even when you feel like you're already getting enough water.

Make Your Posture Perfect

Focusing on posture is so important over the long run. Sitting up straight, walking with your shoulders back, and not slumping over in your car on the commute home. Maintaining good posture requires strength, especially core strength, but it will make your back and neck health better over time which is better for longevity. A good quote is that you are as young as your back!

Eat Earlier In The Evening

Give your body time to digest food by eating dinner earlier. Try eating before 6pm if possible. If you don't get home from work until after that, bring dinner to work and eat it before you head home. It requires an extra effort, but going to bed when you're stomach isn't full will make you feel better.

Add More Veggies To Your Plate

Plant-based food are rich in fiber and a host of other great nutrients. Getting more veggies in your diet promotes health and may even reverse some chronic illnesses. The standard American diet contains many ultra-processed foods. Your can balance that with more veggies, fruits, legumes, beans, and whole grains.

Snack Healthier

People are snacking more than ever. Snacks are fun to eat and very convenient. They can even replace meals once in a while. But don't go for the processed snacks. Try raw nuts, snack bars, fruit chips, and superfood bites. They taste just as good and won't slow you down. They even provide protein.

Go For Short Walks

When you're into a project at work or home, you may be sitting for long hours. Don't give in to the temptation to just sit there. Get up and go for a short walk around the block, through the park, or even up some stairs. It will get your blood pumping, stretch out those muscles, and it may even make you feel more creative.

Skip The Soda

It's hard not to recommend this enough. Swap out your soda for water, kombucha, or even tea. Kombucha has probiotics which are healthy. If you haven't tried coconut water, give it a taste. Healthy sports shots can also give you a boost. Try anything, but soda!

Get Probiotics When You Can

Probiotics are healthy gut bacteria which balance the body and can even improve mood. Buy some sauerkraut, drink a kombucha, and add miso to your salads or in warm water to drink it like tea. It improves your immunity and will help with long term health.

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by Spiro Zefferys
Recipe Developer
Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition

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