Food Shopping Quickly Going Online

When you decide to go to the mall, does it feel like you're the only person there? It's not surprising since so much of retail shopping has gone online. Experts predict that one quarter of all malls across the U.S. will close in 5 years. The same thing may happen to grocery stores in the same time period.

Recent research by Nielsen (2016) and eMarketer (Oct 2016) indicates that the majority of food shoppers - up to 80% - will by online in five to seven years. That's a major shift in the way people will access their food and how they will discover and decide to buy new products.

Many factors are contributing to the growth of the online sales channel including convenience, a better experience, expanded assortment, and growing trust. Consumers are also looking for the personalization that online and digital shopping can provide rather than strolling through aisles with brands that don't connect with them.

Brands that make the shift early to digital shopping can connect quickly with shoppers by developing their online brand. One way to do this instantly is on the Treatmo App. Treatmo App is a natural and local food shopping app that lets merchants create a digital store front in the app with a branded shopping cart so they can sell to app users quickly and without the burden of creating and maintaining a major website. Set up takes 10 minutes and fees are low with with no contracts and no monthly or start up charge.

Shoppers can chat about their purchases and even gift friends which creates an online brand community for the merchant and their products. Social commerce is a unique benefit of the Treatmo App and makes shopping online fun and convenient for customers.

With rapid changes in the sales channels for grocery and food shopping within the next five years, developing an integrated digital selling strategy is quick and easy on the Treatmo App and prepares food merchants for future business.

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