How To Cook Black Beans

Cooking black beans is easy and the health benefits are impressive.


There's a lot more flavor to be had from a can of beans than simply heating them up in a pot. It's easy to cook them (dried or canned) and get impressive flavor by adding a few fresh vegetables into a sauce pan with the beans. The health benefits of eating black beans makes the little bit of extra time spent worth it.

Black beans are a powerful food to eat. From their cancer prevention agents like selenium and folate to their richness in calcium and phosphate which help strengthen bones, they are also high in protein and magnesium. Protect your heart, fight inflammation and lose weight by getting more black beans in your diet.

For some black beans are difficult to digest. Soaking and sprouting black beans can make them easier to eat. To sprout black bans, let dried black beans sit in water overnight. After 8-10 hours, rinse them thoroughly (until water runs clear). Let them sit and drain (rinsing them periodically) until tiny white sprouts appear (12 - 24 hours depending on room temperature).

Next comes the cooking. 

Black bean burrito - clean and healthy.

Black bean burrito - clean and healthy.

How To Cook The Best Black Beans (serves for five)

  • 2 cans black beans, drained (low sodium, organic)
  • 1/2 a large onion
  • 1/2 a yam
  • 1 teaspoon cumin
  • 1 tablespoon black strap molasses
  • 1/4 habanero chili (optional for heat)
  • 1/2 cup broth (optional)
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Dice your onion, pepper and yam. Add the veggies to a lightly oiled (I used olive oil from Kämen Foods - available on Treatmo iOS App) sauté pan on medium high heat. Cook for five minutes, then add the beans, cumin and molasses. Heat on medium high for 10 minutes, and then reduce to low.

For canned beans, cook for 20 minutes to an hour. For sprouted beans, cook for up to four hours (you'll also need to add more liquid, enough to almost cover the beans. Check every hour and add more water, just enough to cover the bottom of the pan, if needed). 

Toss in cilantro and mix in after removing from the stove top. Beans are amazing in burritos, with quinoa, enchiladas, and more great dishes.