Why Diet May Help With Managing Pain

Dealing with daily pain? Consider food as part of the plan.

When dealing chronic pain, you may be more tempted to reach for an aspirin than a carrot. But the latest research suggests that food may your most powerful weapon again pain. Specialized diets such as a vegan diet or a Mediterranean diet can reduce inflammation which is a main source of pain. The healthier diets can also control insulin and cholesterol levels which may reduce pain from diabetes and heart disease.

Inflammation is the body's way of dealing with injury, but it may trigger chronic illness if the inflammation itself is chronic. Studies have shown that patients turning to plant-based or Mediterranean diets have seen reversals of their pain symptoms.

If you haven't committed to any type of diet yet, consider these three tips to feel better.

1. Eat a wide range of vegetables and fruit. Vegetables are generally anti-inflammatory and some specific ones really help reduce inflammation such as ginger or turmeric. Eat as many vegetables as you can.

2. Reduce dairy and opt for whole grains. Spreading on huge amount of mayo and butter on your sandwich and washing it down with a large glass of milk, may not be the best move when fighting pain. Instead, try alternative milks, different spreads on sandwiches such as hummus, and go for whole grain breads and baked goods. Try quinoa or amaranth instead of white rice for example. Whole grain tortilla wraps are another excellent option.

3. Skip the red meat. I once me a man at a conference who who arthritis so severally that he couldn't hold his water glass over his plate. One year later, after going vegan and giving up red meat, all of the pain was gone and he had full control over his hands.

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by Spiro Zefferys, Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition