Easy Baked Salmon in A Mini Baker

Eating food on big plates or in big bowls, might send the wrong signals to your brain when it comes to portion control. Try a meal like salmon in mini baker.

 If it fits, it eats!

If it fits, it eats!

Eating well means quality, real food, but also portion control. You know who does portion control well? Airlines. 

When that tray comes to your seat with all the food in each little container (regardless of how bad the food might be), there is a sense of comfort and happiness. If the food is really bad, it might make you angry. But if it's acceptable or at least enticing, it's fun to unwrap each container. When it's gone though, it's over, there's no more until the next meal. Sometimes there might be an extra dinner roll, if you ask nicely.

In the same way that receiving a tray on an airplane makes you feel good, there is a comforting feeling about the shape of the rectangular mini baker. There is a visual cue that creates a cross-reference to an airplane tray. When it comes time to eat, there are also some advantages.

With a mini-baker, it's easy to layer in food. It's also easy to make food to portion and know when you've added too much. 

Cooking food to a smaller container size allows some control over how much you eat. When you're eating from a big plate or out of a big bowl, you might be unintentionally be filling up and eating to the plate size. Cooking Light seems to agree. 

Eating from smaller plates or bowls may in fact help you lose weight with the right balance of food. It's hard to eat from a small bowl though without thinking it's a side dish or quick breakfast of oatmeal. In many ways, the mini baker is perfect for serving a full meal.

This macrobiotic dish of grain, protein and vegetables is cooked simply with olive oil, lemon and spices. The subtle reference to an airplane meal sends a cue to the brain that what's there is all you need until the next meal. 

 Tastic Original baked salmon with black sesame seeds.

Tastic Original baked salmon with black sesame seeds.

This recipe is half an orange sweet potato (baked in 2 tbsp quality olive oil and Tastic Original Spice), 1/4 cup quinoa covered in Tastic No Salt, flash sauteed bok choy in 1 tbsp olive oil and Tastic No Salt, 1 poblano pepper baked with the sweet potatoes in olive oil and Tastic No Salt. Set oven at 400˚F for the salmon to cook for 15-20 minutes. Lightly coat with olive oil and sprinkle on Tastic Original (paprika, lemon peel, parsley, pepper and more great spices). Add lemon to finish.

spiced sweet potatoes.jpg

The added flavor and quality of ingredients makes the difference in a meal that's filling and one that leaves you thirsting for more.

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