Healthy Living: How To Deal With The Effects Of Stress

It's no fun to feel stressed out. But it's a common part of modern life to have tensions from work, commuting, relationships, or running a household nag at you. Quite a bit of research has been done to suggest that the effects of chronic stress are not good. In fact, they may be very unhealthy over the long term. While the best way to deal with stress is to understand what's causing it and try to mitigate those factors, there are other ways to make stressful situations seem less onerous.

First is through diet. Eating well influences your state of mind and can help make you more resilient to stressful situations. When the mind is healthy and strong, you may be able to glide through events that can normally cause pressure and frustration. The healthiest foods, when eaten in abundance, boost your mental endurance and ability to be calm throughout the day.

Second is through exercise. A recent study by a medical journal focused on brain science found that running reduced the impact of chronic stress on the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. The effect of the exercise was to make the synapses stronger so that the brain continues to function optimally and is not impacted.

Third is through talk therapy. Explaining to friends and family what you are going through and discussing possible solutions is better than keeping that stress locked inside of you. The more you talk about things, the better you may feel.

Regardless of your strategy for dealing with stress, simplifying your life is always a good thing to do. The Treatmo App is an great way to order natural healthy food without having to go to the grocery store, chat about it in the app to be social, and free yourself up to take time to exercise and relax. Designed for simplicity and healthy living, it may be one effective way to make your life a bit more stress-free and fun.


By Spiro Zefferys
Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition