How To Avoid Ultra-Processed Foods To Stay Healthy

Ultra-processed foods may be the most harmful to a healthy lifestyle.

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Ultra-processed foods are those that pack in the highest density of calories, sugar, and sodium along with a plethora of artificial ingredients. According to the latest research, they are associated with higher overall cancer risk.

After conducing a large population based study, scientists found that increasing the proportion of ultra-processed foods consumed by even just 10% led to an increase in disease risk by greater than 10%. Those who live on ultra-processed foods may find themselves struggling with weight and other issues and are more likely to have heart disease, diabetes, and colorectal cancer. The study included 105,000 adults.

While it may be easy to grab highly processed packaged food from the vending machine or grocery store store as a snack or even in place of a meal during a busy day, the apparent side are perhaps good reason to scale back.

It can take time to change habit and acquire a taste for healthier food. Thankfully there are cleaner and tastier alternatives to ultra-processed foods. And the new brands and products coming to market, make healthy addictive with natural flavor and real food.

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By Spiro Zefferys
Certificate in Plant Based Nutrition